CDMA HTC Wildfire S goes to the FCC on its way to US Cellular

So far, the HTC Wildfire S has been officially announced in the US by T-Mobile. That doesn’t mean that other carriers won’t be selling HTC’s midrange Android-powered smartphone though. Last month the fact that the Wildfire S was headed to US Cellular leaked.

However, we haven’t actually seen or heard anything else about the CDMA Wildfire S (which US Cellular will sell, since that’s its type of mobile network) up until now. The little Android stopped by the FCC recently, with the required CDMA bands in tow. This basically ensures that we will soon see the Wildfire S on at least one of the US-based CDMA carriers (otherwise there would be no point for HTC to even make this version of the phone).

Other candidates for launching the Wildfire S, aside from US Cellular, are Cricket, MetroPCS, Virgin Mobile, and who knows, maybe even Sprint and/or Verizon. They certainly could do it, what remains to be seen is if they will want to or figure out a way to fit it into their growing Android smartphone lineups.

So expect to hear more about the CDMA Wildfire S in the coming weeks and months, as it slowly becomes available in the US.

Via Engadget

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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