New info about Sony S1 and Sony S2 revealed

Great news for anyone interested in Sony’s upcoming Android tablets, the S1 and S2 tablets. The Sony S1 tablet is different than the S2 since it only features one screen as opposed to the dual-screen of the S2. Both tablets will run on the latest version of Honeycomb.

The S1 spots a 9.4″ IPS LCD display with the TruBlack and BRAVIA technologies. Its battery life compares to that of Apple’s iPad 2. The S1 comes in four variants: a 16GB Wi-Fi only, a 16GB Wi-Fi+3G, a 32GB Wi-Fi only, and a 32GB Wi-Fi+3G.

The S2 spots a dual-screen as mentioned above. The S2 only comes in a 16GB Wi-Fi+3G version and a 32GB Wi-Fi+3G version.

The tablets are expected to launch early September. The S2 will launch exclusively on AT&T with 4G HSPA+ speeds. Unfortunately, we don’t have any info on pricing yet, but if Sony is smart they will make the tablet the same price or less than that of the iPad 2. We will keep you updated on the status of the S1 and S2 tablets.


Author: Dakota Torres

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    Great tool and great review, I can not help waiting buy one for myself…