Facebook Messenger app launched today

Facebook launched its own extension app named Messenger today on Apple’s App Store and the Android Marketplace.

The development of this app was led by Beluga’s founding team(Beluga was acquired by Facebook in March). The team brought all of the great messaging features of Beluga to Facebook’s new Messenger app. This app brings chat, messages, mobile push notifications, and the email system into one app. This app also adds group messaging for quick communication. Users can also add people in their phonebook to the group chat even if they are not on Facebook, but you will deliver and receive your messages through SMS. You can even include your own location in group chats, only making it easier for you to meet up with your friends.

Facebook Messenger is a must download for anyone who is an avid Facebook user and enjoys chatting on the go. Facebook Messenger will definitely create plenty of competition between other messaging apps such as GroupMe, Fast Society, WhatsApp Messenger, and even Google Huddle.

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Author: Dakota Torres

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