Compal to start delivery of Windows Phones to Nokia in September. 2 million units ordered for Q4 2011

We already told you that first Nokia Windows Phones will be made by Taiwanese Compal. Today we have some more info about them.

This has still to percolate to the English speaking part of the net, but, according to Taiwan based Dan Nystedt, local media is reporting that Compal will start shipping Windows Phones to Nokia in September already. A total of 2 million Windows Phones has been ordered for Q4 2011.

The possibility that Nokia will start receiving Windows Phones in September is very good news. I don’t think that the new handsets will be launched or announced earlier then a week before Nokia World, which is set for October 26-27th in London. But September Compal shipments mean that Nokia Windows phones will become available in launch countries either on October 26th, or very soon after that. No more excruciatingly long wait periods between new handset announcements and availability.

Last year Nokia managed to ship 5 million newly launched Symbian^3 devices in a single quarter. So the sales plans for 2 million Windows Phones in 2011 are pretty modest for Nokia. On the other hand, with late October launch Nokia will have one month less to sell the new phones. And Nokia was very clear and open about it – the real volume Windows Phone shipments will start only in the first half of 2012, probably when Nokia starts manufacturing the new smartphones themselves.

1 million new devices a month is a pretty good number for a totally new phone. It’s way below Samsung Galaxy S2 sales, but it is in line with the original Galaxy S sales at launch. And if Nokia manages to actually sell those 2 million “not in volume” Windows Phones in Q4, when they do start shipping “in volume” – the numbers should be pretty good.

This is also good news for Microsoft. They have shipped 2.6 million WP7 phones in Q4 2010. This year, with 2 million Windows Phones from Nokia, and new WP Mango handsets from Samsung, HTC and, probably, LG – the overall sales could easily top 5 million mark.


Author: Stasys Bielinis

While I like to play with the latest gadgets, I am even more interested in broad technology trends. With mobile now taking over the world - following the latest technology news, looking for insights, sharing and discussing them with passionate audience - it's hard to imagine a better place for me to be. You can find me on Twitter as @UVStaska'

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  • smover

    If they sell those 2 million phones before then end of the year it will be a very good sign for Windows Phone 7 AND Nokia ! I can’t wait to order my Sea Ray 🙂


  • rcastano

    This is a do or die for Nokia.  2 Million is a large number.  

    Will most probably upgrade my iPhone 4 to iPhone 5, but my best wishes to Nokia.

  • rcastano

    This is a do or die for Nokia.  2 Million is a large number.  

    Will most probably upgrade my iPhone 4 to iPhone 5, but my best wishes to Nokia.

  • Bat Fink

    That is one butt ugly phone.

  • new user

    i’ll be in that 2 millios

  • Anonymous

    2 million sold to telecom providers does not equate 2 million sold to customers.

  • markku i. nieminen

    It’s huge marketing failure from Nokia to load out Meego and Symbian phones any more. Nokia eats up it’s own markets. Markets are already messed up with panic publishing phones that Nokia  will delete from production when they publish the first  WP7 phones. In Finland they have determined very strongly that there will be no more Symbian or Meego phones. Who can guarantee updates service and aftert sales behavior of these out kicked phones. Nokia is greedy and underestimating their clients. -As usually.!