Report: Carriers testing 4G LTE iPhones

Apple’s carrier partners have begun testing iPhone models with LTE capabilities, writes Jonathan S. Geller of Boy Genius Report. Pointing to evidence found in a test build of iOS (acquired from a carrier), Geller says a property list (.plist) file in the firmware indicates the build is designed to work with an LTE modem.

The evidence does not prove that Apple’s next device will have 4G capabilities, but it does suggest that an LTE device is imminent. The leak of the information also adds credence to reports of carriers testing disguised versions of Apple’s next-generation hardware and software outside of Apple’s facilities.

But if the carriers are testing the new iPhones (which hints at an impending release), and those iPhones have LTE-compatible firmware, then hopes for a 4G LTE iPhone5 (or 4S) may not be unfounded.

Author: Matthew Ismael Ruiz

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