UK: Vodafone 555 Facebook phone now available for £62.50

Last month, Vodafone UK decided to officially introduce its own-brand 555 Blue Facebook phone, after we had previously seen it once in June. This device sort of competes with the HTC Salsa and ChaCha and the INQ Cloud Touch in the Facebook space, however it isn’t a smartphone like the aforementioned handsets. Nor does it have 3G connectivity or Wi-Fi. Therefore, the Vodafone 555 is a basic featurephone with a full physical QWERTY keyboard and some neat Facebook integration to be found throughout its proprietary operating system.

The Vodafone 555 is now available to purchase from Vodafone, and seems to have lost its ‘Blue’ moniker sometime during the last couple of weeks. If you want to get a 555, Vodafone asks that you agree to part with £62.50 of your hard earned cash. For that amount, you get the device as well as a Pay as you go SIM card. There’s no minimum top-up requirement though, which is a bit unusual for a UK operator.

The price here definitely is affordable, however the Vodafone Smart, at £75, isn’t a lot more expensive. And it’s a smartphone. And it comes with 3G and Wi-Fi. Of course, there is a tradeoff, in the form of that QWERTY keyboard which the Smart totally lacks. However, if you aren’t interested in that aspect, the Smart is probably the smarter choice.

That is, unless you don’t care for smartphones and would just like a simple phone that can handle calls, texts, and Facebook activity just fine. In that case, the Vodafone 555 is for you. If you’d like to grab one, head over to Vodafone and do just that.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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