HTC Pico images and details leak, looks like a slightly lower-end Wildfire S

HTC looks like it’s prepping a whole new batch of Android-powered smartphones for the near future (or perhaps the famed ‘holiday season’), since these days it’s basically HTC leak after HTC leak.

Here’s another contender: the HTC Pico. As its name implies, this is a small(ish) device, at least smaller than HTC’s ‘usual’ high-end handsets.

Pictures of the Pico alongside its main specs have been leaked by There are two pictures available, but they’re more than enough for anyone to get a nice feel for the phone.

On the inside, this is basically the twin of the Wildfire S. There are minor differences here and there, but basically the main thing that’s changed here is the overall aspect of the phone. It’s also entirely possible that the Pico will come with interchangeable covers of some sort, which may explain the color it’s pictured in above.

The Pico’s processor is a Qualcomm MSM7227 600 MHz unit, just like the Wildfire S. The Pico has a 5 MP camera, just like the Wildfire S. And while the leaked specsheet mentions a LED flash, in the photos above there doesn’t seem to be one. That would be another difference compared to the Wildfire S which does come with the LED flash. Or the flash may just be so well integrated into the camera unit that it’s not easily visible from the angle of the leaked photos. The 384 MB of RAM is less than the 512 MB in the Wildfire S, while the display could be identical at 3.2 inches diagonally and having a 480×320 resolution. The battery is the same 1230 mAh, and the Pico also has Wi-Fi, HSPA, Bluetooth, and GPS, as one would expect in this day and age.

The HSPA bands (900/2100) mean it’s headed to Europe, or at least this specific variation is. Pico may be what it ends up being called once it hits the streets, or it may just turn out to be a codename that won’t see the light of day. It’s unclear at this point.

The HTC Pico will run Android Gingerbread and will come with HTC Sense Zero, which may or may not be a stripped down version of the Taiwanese company’s ubiquitous Android UI overlay. If it does turn out to be just that, we’ll make all the appropriate jokes about how HTC finally realized how bloated Sense had become at the appropriate time.

Unfortunately, no other details are available about this device right now, so we don’t know when it will launch or how much it will cost. But it will probably make it to the shops just in time for the frenzy in the fourth quarter of the year. When HTC looks like it will have an offering that’s even cheaper than the Wildfire S. Should be interesting to watch.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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