Sources: No one wants an HP Touchpad, and Best Buy wants a refund

Sources tell All Things D’s Arik Hesseldahl that HP’s TouchPad—it’s first WebOS tablet offering—is selling so poorly that one big box retailer is asking for a refund.

Best Buy has taken delivery of 270,000 HP TouchPads, selling 25,000.  Another source said the 25,000 unit estimate might be considered“charitable.”

Best Buy is reportedly so exasperated by the sluggish sales clogging up their inventory that they want HP to take the order of TouchPads back. Analyst Rich Doherty of Envisioneering Group says that Best Buy isn’t alone; Walmart, Micro Center and Fry’s are all experiencing sluggish TouchPad sales.

Doherty points to “wildcat pricing” as the culprit, as early discounts of $50 and $100 may have caused consumers to wait for the price to drop further.

HP is set to report quarterly earnings tomorrow, August 18.

Photo: PreCentral

Author: Matthew Ismael Ruiz

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  • Yankeefan3

    Another casualty in the ‘iPad killer’ war. Who’s next?

  • Yankeefan3

    Another casualty in the ‘iPad killer’ war. Who’s next?

  • Jordan Eilbert

    WebOS doesn’t shock me that it failed – if it’s no Android or a real OS it doesn’t have Apps and won’t work well in competition.  if it had Win 7 Starter or something along those lines it would have sold.  HP honestly should just take the WebOS as a failure and just recall the devices and reload them with a real OS (I’m thinking Android 3.0 or something) and resell them cheaper – better to resell at less then not sell at all.

    As for BBY, in all honestly, it’s you who sells the device.  If it’s not selling bundle.  If it’s not selling discount, and if that fails then obviously the product is a MAJOR dog or your floor but I’ve not seen any specials in the paper from BBY offering any deals or accessories or so on with the HP tablet, so BBY can’t say this is all on HP – they make the product, it’s up to BBY to move it, if they ordered too much inventory, that’s on them. 

  • Sandeep Deshpande

    nobody is trying to kill Ipad and there is no war, stop hyping ipad and android competition.

  • Steven Zahl