Steve Jobs in talks with China Mobile for TDSCDMA iPhone

Reuters reports that China Mobile—the world’s largest wireless carrier—has met with Apple, Inc.’s Steve Jobs on several occasions to discuss officially introducing an iPhone on their network.

As China Mobile’s 3G network is based on their own TDSCDMA standard (one that Apple’s current hardware does not support), essentially a China Mobile-only iPhone may need to be developed.

Apple has already done as much before with the CMDA iPhone for Verizon, and China Mobile’s subscriber base dwarfs that of the US carriers. Together the top two, AT&T and Verizon, total less than 250M. With more than 600M China Mobile subscribers, the potential market would certainly seem to warrant such an investment.

There is already a documented interest in China for Apple’s handset. The 7.44M users with unlocked iPhones currently on China Mobile’s network love their iPhones so much that they endure 2G EDGE speeds.

Reuters via Apple Insider


Author: Matthew Ismael Ruiz

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