UK: Motorola Xoom to get Android 3.2 update in September

The Motorola Xoom was the first tablet to receive the Android 3.2 update recently pushed by Google. But that happened with Wi-Fi-only tablets sold in the United States, and then Verizon Xooms also joined the party. Unfortunately, Xooms sold internationally are still running Android 3.1. Granted, the 3.1 that they run enables the SD card slot, a bit of functionality for which US Xoom owners had to wait up until 3.2. So it’s not all tragic for international Xoom users.

And it will get even better soon. According to Pocket-lint, Motorola Xoom tablets sold in the UK will start receiving the Android 3.2 update sometime in September. Of course, it’s conceivable that Wi-Fi-only and unlocked 3G Xooms will get the update first, and as the update will come over-the-air, the rollout could take a few days or even weeks. But the important thing is that we at least have a rough time frame now.

The biggest change that the 3.2 update will bring in the UK (since the SD card is already active over there) is the new app zoom functionality which will hopefully enable better usability of apps that were designed with smartphones in mind.

So despite the Xoom not being a ‘Google experience’ device outside the US, Motorola looks like it hasn’t forgotten about its tablets sold elsewhere. Not yet, at least.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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