Motorola Pro will only be available in the UK in September

The Motorola Pro is quickly getting old without even having been released. This Droid Pro for Europe was announced back in February, and, at least in the UK, you still can’t buy one. Six months is a lot of time in the smartphone world, yet the Pro’s unique form factor would still make it an interesting proposition today.

However, it’s not launching today. Nor later this month. In fact, the Motorola Pro’s release has been pushed back yet again in the UK, this time all the way to mid-to-late September. That’s according to well known online retailer of mobile phones Clove, which has been taking pre-orders for the Pro for a long time.

The first release time frame that we heard for this device was July, but that obviously got pushed to August, and now this. Motorola has always been a bit ignorant of the European market, at least in recent years, and here’s another such case.

Anyway, let’s hope that someone will still be interested in the Motorola Pro by the time it actually launches. If you are, you can of course head over to Clove and pre-order one for £420. Just know that you may be waiting a long time for that delivery.

Via SoMobile

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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