Sony Ericsson SK19i leaks, may be a QWERTY version of the Xperia Ray

A possible new Sony Ericsson smartphone has leaked. Well, the fact that it may exist has, anyway. Thanks to the AnTuTu benchmark, we now know that a Sony Ericsson SK19i may be joining all the other devices in the company’s portfolio soon.

There are unfortunately no other details about this device other than the fact that it has a 1 GHz processor and it runs Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread. And that isn’t saying much really, since the entire 2011 Sony Ericsson smartphone lineup has a 1 GHz processor and runs Gingerbread.

However, we can speculate a bit based on the model number here. First of all, the ‘K’ in ‘SK19i’ means that this phone will come with a side-sliding QWERTY keyboard. That’s basically a given, since Sony Ericsson has always used this convention for its Android devices.

Second, if we look at the model numbers for the newly-unveiled Xperia Mini and Xperia Mini Pro, those are ST15i and SK17i, respectively. Of course, the Pro is just the Mini, but with an added slide-out QWERTY keyboard thrown in for good measure.

So it is conceivable that the SK19i will be a QWERTY version of the ST18i, which is known in retail channels as the Xperia Ray. If it is that indeed, then the SK19i will have a touchscreen about 3 inches big diagonally, and will sit alongside the Xperia Ray just above the Mini family in Sony Ericsson’s Android smartphone lineup. We’ll keep you posted.

Via juggly Via XperiaBlog

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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