Redesigned Samsung Galaxy S II (for the US) shows up in promo video

Samsung Mobile USA has posted a new promo video on its official YouTube channel in order to inform he world that its flagship Android smartphone – the Galaxy S II – will be released Stateside soon.

While we already knew that, there’s still a surprise in the video: it shows a different Galaxy S II (at the end), not the version we all know.

Not much is changed, though. Samsung has just replaced the handset’s hardware home button with two capacitive keys – home and search. The sign-up page that Samsung has put up on its US website doesn’t reflect the design change yet. Anyway, check out the video, it’s embedded below this image:

Samsung plans to officially announce the Galaxy S II for the US market on August 29 (next week), when specific launch details (carriers, pricing and so on) should be unveiled.

Via SammyHub

Author: Florin

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