Nokia N9 may have a total of five color versions

Expected to become available starting September (although only in select markets), the Nokia N9 may be launched in more color versions than we initially thought. Back in June, when Nokia announced the handset, it said it would come in black, cyan and magenta.

Now a leaked photo suggests that the N9 also has a green and an orange version. Unfortunately, we can’t really say if this leaked image (seen below) is real or not, so until something official about this appears, take the alleged new colors as “unconfirmed.”

The N9 – which features a 3.9 inch FWVGA display and now front-facing buttons – will be Nokia’s first and last commercially available MeeGo smartphone (well, unless unexpected things happen, like a failed collaboration with Microsoft, a major change at the company’s leadership and so on).

Via PocketNow

Author: Florin

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  • Anonymous

    It may even be six colours, I’ve seen promo shots somewhere on the net with a white handset.
    However dont take my word for it, as it was not a detailed enough image to make out whether it was the N9 or the Sea Ray

  • Crazy E Lazy

    that was n9 white cover
    but i think they should produce it in white

  • Anonymous

    I love the idea of that.
    You buy a phone in a bright day-glow cyan ,magenta,green or orange, then hide it in a descretly tame white, black or grey cover.

    Does anyone know if the colours are bright enough to glow under uv lights?
    Who would need a glow stick at a club when you can just “wave your phone in the air like you just don’t care” 

  • nuno pinheiro

    I have had 2 yes 2 white ones in my hands, its the most beautiful version of them all, the green and orange i have not seen yet