Samsung Galaxy S II won’t have a Verizon version

Until today, everyone thought that the Samsung Galaxy S II would be released in the US via all four major carriers. However, this won’t happen. Surprisingly, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the carrier which won’t offer the new Galaxy is Verizon Wireless.

Certainly, you can’t say that Verizon doesn’t already have a selection of nice Android smartphones (and more are yet to come – including the Motorola Droid Bionic), but the absence of the Galaxy S II will probably make some customers unhappy. Or maybe not – since BGR says Verizon will offer another Samsung handset “with very similar specifications” (maybe it’s that Samsung Stratosphere we’ve heard about a few weeks ago).

Samsung will announce official US launch details for the Galaxy S II next Monday, on August 29. Reportedly, Sprint will be the first to release it (4G-enabled), followed by AT&T and T-Mobile. The new Gingerbread smartphone should cost $199 on contract on all carriers.

Author: Florin

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