Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 priced from $579 in Australia, still launching on September 1

A few days ago we let you know that Samsung plans on releasing the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia in the near future, in spite of Apple’s attempts to get the tablet banned. Back then, we had a leaked image from an Australian retailer, Myer, which was getting ready to release the Galaxy Tab 10.1 on September 1.

And that’s still the case, according to Ausdroid. Myer will have the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in stock on September 1 (so in exactly one week from now). Now we have some detailed pricing information too, whereas previously we knew of only one price: $579. It turns out that that’s what the cheapest version of the tablet will cost at Myer.

For that amount of cash you get a 16 GB Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab. For $729, you’ll have the same amount of storage but built-in 3G as well. And, finally, for $949 you’ll be able to pick up a 64 GB Wi-Fi+3G variant of Samsung’s tablet. Interestingly enough, a 64 GB version doesn’t show up on Samsung’s website, so that may either be something new, or a typo. If it’s the latter, then it’s safe to assume that the reality is it’s a 32 GB tablet, in which case the premium to pay for more storage is pretty high indeed.

Regardless of which SKU you purchase, Myer will throw in a free tablet sleeve.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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