Purple Sprint HTC Evo 3D on its way to Best Buy

Not wanting to be outdone by RadioShack, Best Buy will have its own exclusive color for the HTC Evo 3D. A few days ago, we heard that a white version of the HTC Evo 3D for Sprint is going to be sold exclusively by RadioShack starting next month, and Best Buy is set to launch its very own purple hue for Sprint’s superphone soon.

Best Buy is no newcomer in the ‘exclusive color’ ring. Just recently it started offering a white version of the HTC Droid Incredible 2 for Verizon, which is a Best Buy exclusive.

Unfortunately, we have no details about when the purple Evo 3D will become available, or for how much. We do however have the picture you see above, and it does look like a breath of fresh air in a smartphone world utterly dominated by black and white handsets. For that alone HTC, Sprint, and Best Buy should be commended.

Of course we’ll let you know as soon as we know more about the purple HTC Evo 3D. In the meantime, if you’re just looking for one in plain ol’ black, you can still grab one at Best Buy or Amazon.

Via PocketNow

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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