Canada: BlackBerry Torch 9860 now available at Telus, Bold 9900 and Torch 9810 get discounted

The recently-announced successor to the not so successful BlackBerry Storm series, the BlackBerry Torch 9860, is now finally available in Canada via Telus, just as previous info indicated it would be. So if you’re interested in a full-touchscreen BlackBerry, here are the details.

Telus asks $99.99 for the Torch 9860 if you get it with a new three-year contract, $449.99 with a two-year term, $499.99 with a one-year commitment, and $549.99 without a contract. Grab yours at Telus here.

Also at Telus, two other recently unveiled handsets are now cheaper if you have nothing against long-term contracts. Both the BlackBerry Bold 9900 as well as the Torch 9810 can now be had for just $99.99, but only if you sign a new three-year agreement. Emphasis on ‘new’ there – it has to be a new activation.

If you’re interested, Telus is of course waiting for your business. You can get the BlackBerry Bold 9900 here, and the Torch 9810 here. This offer expires on September 7, so you’ve got about a week or so left to decide.

Via MobileSyrup here and here

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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