Motorola Defy+ will be available in the UK in September

The Motorola Defy+ is, as its name clearly implies, the successor to the original Defy. It comes with improved hardware and software and aims to fill the exact same niche. Speaking of which, this is a rather unique offering in the Android space. Sure, there are also the recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy Xcover and Sony Ericsson Xperia Active, so the space is crowding up a bit, but both of those devices are a bit lower-end than the Defy+. In fact, we’re wondering why no manufacturer has put out a truly high-end (for this day and age) ruggedized Android smartphone. Perhaps there isn’t enough interest from consumers, but then again, in an Android world where every manufacturer is desperate to differentiate its offerings somehow, wouldn’t this be an ideal help in that regard?

Who knows. We’re glad to see that the Defy+ has received decent specs, at least. One year ago this would have been considered a flagship, but time flies in the mobile world.

The Motorola Defy+ will be available in the UK in September, Motorola itself has officially announced. The company has also released the promo video you can see below. We have previously heard that it would be out in Germany in September, so it looks like the major European markets will all be getting this handset next month.

Well-known online mobile retailer Clove expects the first Defy+ stock to arrive sometime in late September, so don’t hope that the phone will be out this week. A bit of waiting is still required on your part if you’re after a Defy+, but it won’t be long now.

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Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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