Mozilla reveals Firefox app for Honeycomb tablets

Mozilla just annouced the highly anticipated Firefox app for Honeycomb tablets. This browser has plenty of new features which aren’t available on the stock browser included in your Honeycomb tablet.

Mozilla has given Firefox a Honeycomb-like theme, but has kept the look familiar so that regular users will still recognize the infamous back button and the signature tab shape. The Awesomebar is also included in the tablet version of Firefox, but the tabs have been moved to the left to allow for more search results to show up. Mozilla decided to take advantage of the bigger screen on the tablet and have brought an improved tabs menu which switches depending on whether or not you are in portrait or landscape mode to save space

Another feature Mozilla included is the ability to scroll through tabs with your left thumb and scroll through web content with your right. Firefox for Honeycomb tablets looks like a good contender for the stock browser and we look forward to testing it to see if these new features improve productivity and provide a better browsing experience for Honeycomb tablets.

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Author: Dakota Torres

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  • Jessica

    It is absolutely the strong combination, firefox will not let us feel down.