White Samsung Galaxy S II now available in the UK for £492 SIM-free

Just as expected, the white Samsung Galaxy S II has become available in the UK today. Unlike previous efforts, Samsung decided to go with a full white paint job here, and the result is that the entire device is white.

If that’s your favorite color, you know you want to pick up one of these puppies. The white Galaxy S II can be purchased unlocked and SIM-free from either Clove or MobileFun. Both retailers sport about the same price.

Clove will give you the white Samsung Galaxy S II for £492 (as seen above), and Mobile Fun asks £492.95. Since pricing is not a differentiating factor here, you’ll probably end up ordering from the outlet you like best, and that’s fine with us.

Anyway, the white Galaxy S II is just that – a white Galaxy S II. So there are no upgraded specs here or anything like that. Regardless, it’s always refreshing to see a high-end smartphone in any color other than black, so there you go.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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