White Samsung Galaxy S II will be available in Australia at Optus on September 9

The white version of Samsung’s flagship Android-powered smartphone, the Galaxy S II, has become available today in the UK. Unlike previous efforts by Samsung (think about the white Galaxy S or even the white Nexus S), this device in fully clad in white, it’s not just the back which has received a new paint job. Hence this should be a great fit for those who are more into white smartphones than black ones.

The white Samsung Galaxy S II looks set for an international release, since it’s clearly headed to Australia in the near future.

The above image comes from a mobile phone retailer down under, and it basically tells us a lot. First, that the white Galaxy S II will be sold by Optus. Second, that it will launch on September 9, which is about a week from now. And third, that you’ll be able to get it for $0 upfront if you choose Optus’ $59 Cap Plan for 24 months. That’s exactly the same deal as the ‘normal’ black Galaxy S II, which is a good thing.

Retailers and carriers really shouldn’t charge more for a specific color version or another, but they sometimes do nevertheless. Not in this case though.

So if you live in Australia and like white phones, Android, Samsung, and Optus, in about a week you’ll probably return home with a new toy.

Via Ausdroid

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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