Samsung Galaxy S Note priced between Galaxy S and S2. Hands-on video preview

5.3” Samsung Galaxy Note is an interesting new device that is positioned somewhere between top of the line smartphones and 7” tablets.

When it was announced yesterday, I thought Samsung was out of its mind. Galaxy Note must be way too big for the smartphone, and it is too small to be a good tablet. When I’m thinking about 5”+ Android devices, Dell Streak comes to mind first, and we know what a failure that was.

However, after playing with Galaxy note for a bit, I am not so sure. Mind you, it still feels a bit too big in my hand, but at 9.65mm, the Note is a really thin device. That thinness makes it kind of ok to hold, even if  it still feels a bit widish. For those who want all the screen real estate they can get, Samsung Galaxy Note can make a lot of sense. And 5.3” WXGA (1280 x 800, 285 PPI) HD Amoled display is gorgeous.

Here’s how Samsung Galaxy Note looks next to my 4” Nexus S:

According to Eldar Murtazin, Samsung Galaxy S note will be priced somewhere between Samsung Galaxy S (which currently retails at under 400EUR) and the flagship Samsung Galaxy S2. They are currently underpricing it with the goal to create a new market/niche for such big display devices. Which, knowing the huge amounts Samsung is investing into AMOLED display development, makes a lot of sense.

Samsung Galaxy Note will never become a huge  bestseller like current Samsung Galaxy S line. But after I had a chance to handle it for a while, I am not ready to dismiss it either. The Note is a really good device and may carve a niche of its own, after all.

Here’s Samsung Galaxy Note hands-on video:



Author: Stasys Bielinis

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