Google Nexus Prime name confirmed by Samsung

Samsung has (accidentally?) confirmed the name of Google’s next Android smartphone – which, as previously heard, will be called Nexus Prime.

The company has posted an User Agent Profile for the Nexus Prime on its official website, also confirming that the handset’s model number is GT-I9250.

What’s weird is that, according to Nexus Prime’s UAProf (see it here), the smartphone has exactly the same features as the old Nexus S (you can see its UAProf here), including a WVGA display. But I assume Samsung just forgot to update the profile with the new specs, which should include an HD (1280 x 720) display.

The Google Nexus Prime is expected to be released in the US first, in October, via Verizon Wireless (which will call it Droid Prime). It should be the world’s first smartphone to run Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Via PocketNow

Author: Florin

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  • Peter

    This Beast should be released on Sprint, Verizon plans are freaking expensive and they dont even have unlimited data usage (LAME). I would definitely buy this phone if it was ever release for Sprint.