Samsung Vitality officially presented by Cricket

Cricket Wireless’ second Android Gingerbread smartphone – the Samsung Vitality – has been officially announced by the carrier, and it should be released pretty soon – unfortunately, we still don’t know when exactly.

The Vitality features a 3.5 inch HVGA display, an 800MHz processor, 3.2MP camera, and a 4GB SanDisk memory card pre-installed. The handset will come with Muve Music, allowing you to get get unlimited music downloads (included in your rate plan).

The price of the Samsung Vitality will probably not be much higher than the price of the Huawei Ascend II (Cricket’s first Gingerbread smartphone), so customers should expect to pay about $150 for it. Update: actually, the Vitality will cost $199.99. No contract required.

You can find out more here at Cricket.

Author: Florin

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  • Wilie

    samsung’s all mobiles have a very good quality…..

  • Anonymous

    I don’t quite understand why Tracfone, and even Boost haven’t picked on this subsciption based music feature for their own service line. Already there’s more than a million music subscribers between Muve, Rhapsody and Spotify. My guess is that they’re probably hanging onto this quarters results to see the depth of the impact this service offers, and then launch it come the festive season.