All Samsung Wave phones will be updated to Bada 2.0

Samsung currently has about 10 Bada handsets, but only three of them run Bada 2.0: the new Wave 3, Wave M, and Wave Y. However, the company has announced on Twitter that the latest version of its OS will be available to older Wave phones, too.

There are some (inevitable) tiny issues, though. According to this tweet, the Bada 2.0 features for older handsets “could be different, depending on device specification such as CPU, memory size etc.”

Of course, the handsets that may not get all the features included in Bada 2.0 are the cheaper ones like the Wave 525 and the Wave 533. But you should be able to enjoy the full Bada experience if you have a Wave I S8500 or Wave II S8530 (pictured above). The updates will start rolling-out in the fourth quarter of the year across Europe.

Via SammyHub

Author: Florin

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  • moni

    Thank god.. I have my potential s8500 to get this worthy upgrade completely…

  • Ankush Chhutani

    when wil it come in india??

  • Ashwin4646

    when wil it come in india??

  • Anonymous

     In all the samsung Mobile the information has been updated daily.