Google Music Beta now available on iOS via Web app

You may be waiting for Apple to launch iTunes match for your cloud music service needs, but Google has your immediate solution in the form of a Google Music Beta app for iOS devices.

Obviously the app isn’t as good as the Android app due to the fact that its a web app rather than an app that you would install off the App Store, but the app still ran pretty well on my iPad. The app will allow you to store up to 20,000 songs in your cloud as long as you have an account, which you’ll need to be invited to. You’ll get all of the same functionality as the Android app: swiping left and right scrolls through Artists, Albums, Songs, Playlists and Genres. The current track your playing remains in the top bar and the search function also works well. The app was very fast connected to Wi-Fi and was still speedy without Wi-Fi.

Hopefully Google will create a dedicated iOS App store app which would make the experience more fluid. I highly recommend checking out this web app if you have a Google Music Beta account. We will keep you updated on the status of Google Music Beta.

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Author: Dakota Torres

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