Samsung Galaxy S II listed as “coming soon” on AT&T’s website

While Sprint customers are happily pre-ordering their Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch for $99 at Walmart, AT&T customers have been waiting patiently for their turn at the fun. Good news, AT&T has just posted a “coming soon” page on its website dedicated to the Samsung Galaxy S II.

This page provides a nice picture of the device along with some info on the device. If you are unfamiliar with the GSII specs, it spots a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, a dual-core 1.0 GHZ processor, a 8 megapixel camera in the rear with 1080p HD recording, a 2 megapixel camera in the front, and Android 2.3. AT&T also claims that this device is the thinnest smartphone on the market beating the previous record holder, the Samsung Infuse 4G.

Unfortunately, the page doesn’t indicate any info on pricing or availability, but if you are really interested you can sign up for email updates of the device directly from AT&T. We will keep you updated on the status of the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II.


Author: Dakota Torres

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  • R Olivo159

    1.0 Ghz?

  • Anonymous

    Probably 1.2ghz? Then again, if it’s a lower end Tegra 2…