Windows Phone Mango coming next week?

Windows Phone Mango was first introduced back in May and was released to manufacturers at the end of July. Since then, 3 different Mango devices have been introduced: the Fujitsu IS12T, the HTC Titan, and the HTC Radar. Mango is rumored to be released at some point in September, although no exact date is known.

Today, Lewis and Ryan Lowdermilk mentioned in their Windows Phone Dev Podcast that Windows Phone 7.5 will be made available to existing Windows Phone 7 devices via an update in their :

Next week is going to be a big week for Windows Phone. We have been told by various sources that Mango will be dropping, and the final tools will be dropping for developers. So that would be interesting and something to look forward to.

The guys over at Windows Phone Dev Podcast have been pretty accurate with info in the past having been the first to leak screenshots of Mango and also correctly predicting the dates of Mango developer betas. Another rumor by a software company indicates that it will be released September 15th, which reinforces this rumor. We will keep you updated on the status of Windows Phone Mango.

Windows Phone Dev Podcast


Author: Dakota Torres

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  • lumpay

    I have been useing Mango on my HD7 now for almost a week and this is something to get excited about. It completes the OS and its now ready to go against the big dogs and tear them apart.

  • Gabriel

    Yes, we got one
    yesterday, it’s AWESOME!!!!! Had an iPhone before.. It’s quite peppy
    and once there’s more apps it’ll probably overtake the iPhone IMHO.

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