iPhone 5 to have 16GB and 32GB white and black versions?

We’ve heard a lot about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 until now, but we haven’t seen any reference on what colors and storage capacities it will have.

Well, Vodafone UK has listed (for a brief time) four iPhone 5 models on a product page for its Sure Signal 3G booster: iPhone 5 16GB Black, iPhone 5 32GB Black, iPhone 5 16GB White, and iPhone 5 32GB White. So, assuming this wasn’t just a mistake of some sort (from the folks who manage Voda’s website), we should see Apple announcing its new smartphone in both white and black – but that isn’t a surprise, is it? A surprising thing would be for Apple not to unveil a new iPhone with a bigger (64GB) storage capacity.

Right now, the Vodafone Sure Signal webpage doesn’t show the iPhone 5 anymore, but obviously still lists the older iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS models.

Apple will probably announce the new iPhone 5 at the end of this month, or in early October.

Via Apple Insider

Author: Florin

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