Elop says Nokia’s first Windows Phones are on track for Q4

It’s not like we didn’t hear this before, but it’s good to see it re-confirmed: in an interview with a Chinese publication, Stephen Elop recently said that Nokia’s first Windows Phone devices “will be in the market in the world in Q4.”

The roll-out will be sequenced – according to Nokia’s CEO, the WP handsets will be available “in one country after another after another over time.”

Elop believes Nokia’s Windows handsets – which will run Mango – “will be very successful because of the unique capabilities that we’re bringing from Nokia, the quality of the design, the strength of our organization.”

Nokia hopes that lots of Symbian users will adopt Windows Phone, and the company is “doing some things to help a Symbian user move certain information” from a Symbian device to a new Nokia Windows device.

You can see the full interview in the video below (including comments on Google’s acquisition of Motorola). The interview is in English.

Until now, only three companies have announced Windows Phone Mango handsets: Fujitsu, HTC and Samsung.

Via Winmobile.se, WMPowerUser

Author: Florin

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