HTC Kingdom may hit US Cellular as the Hero S

The HTC Kingdom is a device we’ve been hearing about for months. ‘Kingdom’ is, of course, its internal codename, and this Android-powered smartphone will arrive on the market (hopefully pretty soon) sporting a number of other monikers.

Last month we found out two of those. According to information leaked back then, the HTC Kingdom would be sold by Sprint as the Evo Design 4G and by Alltel as the Acquire.

Now it looks like US Cellular will get some Kingdom love too. A listing for a custom gel case for the phone has already appeared at a retailer which claims its product is compatible with the HTC Aquire (either a simple spelling mistake here, or Alltel’s Kingdom may drop that ‘c’ after all), Evo Design 4G, and Hero S.

According to PocketNow, these are all the same device, yet intended for different carriers. That makes some sense, especially since we’ve heard the Kingdom mentioned as the Hero 4G before. Hero S is close to that, and apparently it’s what US Cellular’s version of the HTC smartphone will end up being called.

With all these leaks perhaps HTC should just announce this handset already. When it does so, we’ll naturally let you know.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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