Telus will launch the 4G Samsung Galaxy S II X soon

As the Samsung Galaxy S II slowly makes it to North America, many carriers are getting ready to offer it to their customers. Of course there will be many different versions of this device, each tailored to one specific carrier, just like what happened last year with the Samsung Galaxy S.

In Canada we’ve known for quite a while that Telus will be selling one Galaxy S II variant, which has been referred to by its codename for all this time – the Samsung Hercules. This would be a similar device to that which T-Mobile will sell in the USA.

We’ve seen the Hercules in leaked pictures not once, but twice so far. And while we’ve also gathered most of its specs, a few things have remained elusive so far. For starters, the release date and pricing info. But also its name. It was clear all along that Hercules was just a codename and won’t end up being what the device will sell as.

Thanks to MobileSyrup we can now tell you that Telus chose to out-convolute all other North American carriers by deciding to call this handset the 4G Samsung Galaxy S II X. See that subtle thing they did with moving the ‘4G’ (which so far has only been used as a suffix) to the front? Oh, yeah, that’s some neat branding over there. As for the ‘X’ – who knows what it’s doing there? Then again, we’re really glad it isn’t yet another ‘S’ slapped onto a phone’s name for no good reason. At least carriers seem to be slowly discovering that there are more letters in the alphabet.

Unfortunately, that’s the only bit of news regarding this device for now. It’s still ‘coming soon’ according to Telus, and it’s still unclear how it will be priced. But we’ll let you know as soon as we find out.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • GeekGirl

    I talked to a Telus Retention Lady yesterday. She said Bell had exclusive sales of the Samsung for 90 days and once that is done, Telus will be offering the phone.
    I hope this information is true!!!