White HTC Sensation and Sensation XE will be available in the UK on October 1

HTC announced the Sensation XE yesterday. This will certainly be the company’s flagship smartphone for the remainder of this year. The bumped-up Sensation will become available shortly. In the UK, we’ve already heard that the launch date is set to be October 1.

When HTC showed us the Sensation XE yesterday, only one color scheme was on display, and it was dark grey/black. In fact, its predecessor, the Sensation, has been sold in just one color variant ever since its launch. The Sensation has a rather distinctive back cover which features three different color tones, yet none of them can be accused of being pale.

Well, for light color lovers, and for those who like all things white, HTC has a surprise prepared for you folk in the UK. On the same day that the grey/black Sensation XE goes on sale, so on October 1, you’ll also be able to purchase a white version of either that device or the Sensation.

Unfortunately, as you can see, we don’t have pictures of these white Sensations yet, but we’re sure they’re going to get leaked pretty soon. And even if they don’t, you only have about a couple of weeks left until you’ll be able to purchase one.

So there you have it. White is the new black, now for HTC too.

Via SlashGear

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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