Samsung’s Focus S and Flash Windows Phone Mango handsets not coming to the UK?

Announced by AT&T last week, the Samsung Focus S and Focus Flash (the first two Windows Phone Mango handsets from Samsung) may not be released in the UK.

According to SoMobile, “a representative from Samsung Europe has confirmed that the company currently has no plans to bring either of these phones to the UK.”

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean the smartphones will never make it to the UK. Maybe Samsung will change its plans soon, or maybe it’s going to offer the new Focus handsets under different names to British customers. We can’t know for sure.

Samsung has yet to show us what the Focus S and Focus Flash look like – although the Focus S is most likely the Galaxy S II-like handset that Microsoft presented a few months ago (pictured above). We’ll show you the two smartphones as soon as press photos of them become available.

Author: Florin

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  • Sammy

    Samsung Focus S will be offered in UK under different name…..but thing is, Samsung are STILL waiting for UK carriers to let them know IF they are going to buy any….So, its still unclear how widely available this handset will be….Lets hope all UK carriers place orders!!