Huawei’s 7″ MediaPad on pre-order in Singapore, will be out in Malaysia in October, US this year too

Back in June, Huawei made some waves when it announced its upcoming MediaPad 7-inch tablet that would run Android 3.2, because that’s the first time we’ve heard anything about that particular version of Google’s mobile operating system optimized for tablets.

So naturally we assumed that the MediaPad would be the first tablet to launch running Android 3.2, the version which is finally optimized for screens smaller than 10 inches. But in the meantime Android 3.2 has reached many other devices, and the MediaPad still isn’t anywhere to be seen.

For those of you still interested in Huawei’s tablet, some new information has surfaced today about its availability. It turns out that if you’re in Singapore you can already pre-order one for 598 SGD, which translates into approximately US$475 or €347.

The Huawei MediaPad will become available in Malaysia in the middle of October. And finally, the tablet will also make it to the US, China, Hong Kong, and Thailand before the end of this year. Unfortunately, we don’t know anything more specific than that yet. However, we will naturally let you know the minute we find out more.

Via Engadget

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Babber

    Another tablet computer of Apple style. I do expect some new features of tablet ones.