Apple to unveil the iPhone 5 on October 4

Oh no. In less than two weeks, ‘analysts’ everywhere will be silenced. At least for a day. Won’t you miss all the iPhone 5/4S hysteria? For all these months, we heard (and brought you) rumor after rumor after rumor after rumor concerning Apple’s next device or couple of devices. And it will feel so empty on October 5. Because then we’ll have found out everything. And probably will have already laughed a lot, in retrospect, at some of the things that were rumored for the new Apple iPhone.

Ah well. That’s life. Mythical handsets do need to launch at some point, and according to AllThingsD, the next iPhone (or iPhones?) will be unveiled on Tuesday, October 4. So in less than two weeks.

Of course, this is just a rumor in itself, so don’t forget your standard issue grain of salt while reading. Rumor as it may be, it kind of makes sense. If only because it kind of confirms countless other past rumors that were saying that Apple will be holding ‘the’ event either in September or October. In any case, the company clearly doesn’t want the holiday shopping season to catch it with only the old iPhone 4 in tow.

So sooner or later, but probably sooner, this was bound to happen. Let’s hope it will be on October 4 and we’ll get this over with. Otherwise, it’s certainly possible that we’ll see dozens more rumors concerning just the announcement’s date. This is Apple after all. Every detail is important.

Speaking of which, Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook is naturally expected to hold the keynote. So we’ll get our first taste at the post-Steve era at Apple. My guess? It’s just fine. That said, Tim Cook needs to make a good impression on the impressionable Apple fans, otherwise they’ll all collectively start crying after Steve Jobs. And, for the sake of Apple’s investors, that shouldn’t be allowed to happen. But we’ll see. In less than two weeks. Get your clocks synced already.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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