AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S II will be available on October 2 for $199.99

On August 31, Samsung decided to unveil its Galaxy S II models ready for the US carriers. Even back then we knew that the first one to make it to the market would be Sprint’s Epic 4G Touch, with AT&T’s version to follow. However, the initially rumored release date for AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S II, September 18, obviously came and went without the device going on sale.

And today AT&T took to Twitter to finally provide all the missing information about its Galaxy S II: when it will be out and how much it will cost.

As expected by many, AT&T will charge you $199.99 for the Galaxy S II. That’s if you agree to signing a new two-year contract, of course. You’ll also need to get at least a $15 per month data plan.

AT&T plans on releasing the Galaxy S II on October 2. So in less than two weeks you’ll be able to pick up Samsung’s slimmest smartphone yet from AT&T, if that’s your carrier of choice.

Now all that’s left is for T-Mobile to tell us something more about its Galaxy S II, which seemed the most far off even at the official launch. But that will probably take a while, so if you were after Samsung’s latest and greatest, being a Sprint or AT&T customer has certainly paid off.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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