Another render of Verizon’s upcoming Samsung Stratosphere leaks, it should be out soon

After releasing the affordable Pantech Breakout today, Verizon plans on adding yet another Android-powered smartphone to its 4G LTE-enabled lineup. The Samsung Stratosphere will probably be Big Red’s first LTE slider.

We’ve first heard about it last month, and then we’ve even seen some leaked (low-res) renders of the Stratosphere earlier this month. Finally, we heard that it may launch on or around October 6, and that still may happen.

Even more so after today’s inadvertent leak. See, Wirefly, one of the best known US online mobile retailers, has started selling Verizon’s Pantech Breakout today. Nothing spectacular there. Yet the retailer has mistakenly uploaded a couple of renders depicting the Samsung Stratosphere as if they were images of the Breakout. At the time of writing the images are still up on Wirefly’s website over here.

That can only mean one thing. Wirefly is also getting ready to sell the Stratosphere, or at least take pre-orders for it. Now we don’t know anything more than that, but we’re pretty sure this means that the Samsung Stratosphere will be out soon.

How soon? Stay tuned and we’ll let you know the instant we find out.

Via Owen Johnston

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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