HTC Runnymede to be called Sensation XL and not Bass?

A few weeks ago we first got hold of some information regarding the smartphone codenamed HTC Runnymede. This was going to be the Android-powered twin of the recently unveiled HTC Titan Windows Phone device.

In the meantime, we’ve seen many leaks about the Runnymede, and that can only mean that the official announcement is very close.

Yet the phone won’t be called Runnymede when it hits the streets (thankfully). One previous rumor suggested it would be retailed as the HTC Bass, which of course makes some sense considering the Beats Audio integration it will have. And that name would have complemented the newly announced HTC Rhyme quite well.

However, the Runnymede may just end up being sold as the HTC Sensation XL. Another rather logical brand, considering its huge size (that 4.7-inch touchscreen demands it), and HTC’s recent obsession with the “Sensation” name (see HTC Sensation and HTC Sensation XE).

PocketNow claims a reliable source indicated Sensation XL as the final name, so that may just be it. The phone will also come with two headphone options, both Beats branded. The vanilla offering will come with in-ear headphones, and there will be a special edition that will sell with over-the-ear Beats Solo headphones.

The Runnymede, whether it will be called Bass or Sensation XL, is expected to be launched on October 7. So that’s when we’ll find out what it will actually be called. As for whether anyone will actually buy a 4.7-inch smartphone, Beats branding or not, we’ll know that in a few months, possibly even sooner. So stay tuned.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Cashiscole

    Does anyone know how much this phone would be ? im eligible for a full phone upgrade so could I get it for free ? also how much more would it be with the over the year headphones, I want those.