Apple confirms iPhone event for October 4, iPhone 5 likely to be announced then

The rumors were true: Apple will indeed host an iPhone event on October 4 – next Tuesday. The company has sent out invitations that read “Let’s talk iPhone”, with said date appearing on a calendar icon.

This can only mean one thing: the Cuppertino giant will finally announce its fifth generation iPhone next week, after an unusual delay – historically, all new iPhones have been unveiled in June or July.

It remains to be seen if the next-gen Apple smartphone is called iPhone 5 or not, and if it’s going to hit the shelves in mid-October.

In any case, according to the ton of previously leaked details, the new iPhone should come with a faster, dual-core processor, more memory, an 8MP rear camera, enhanced battery life, and probably lots of other improvements.

Contrary to what some may think (see the fifth comment on this article), the new iPhone could certainly have a display larger than 3.5 inches – since apps aren’t designed for a specific screen size, but for specific resolutions (320 x 480, or 640 x 960 pixels – for now).

Apple could even announce not one, but two new iPhones (a high-end one, and a cheaper one) – although I don’t see why it would want to do that. But, well, let’s wait for October 4 to come. It’s definitely going to be a big day for iOS fans and not only.

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Author: Florin

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