Nokia N9 starts shipping to fulfill your MeeGo dreams. Prices start at €480

Nokia has announced that its very first MeeGo smartphone – the N9 – is finally heading to stores around the world, so customers should be able to find it on shelves starting the next few days, in black, cyan and magenta paint jobs.

Unfortunately, Nokia doesn’t mention which countries will get the N9 first. But it did say that prices will start from about €480 ($647) for the 16GB version, and €560 ($755) for the 64GB version.

The N9 has no hardware buttons on the front, and features a 3.9 inch scratch-resistant curved AMOLED display with 854 x 480 pixels, HSPA, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, GPS, free turn-by-turn drive and walk navigation, NFC, 8MP Carl Zeiss camera with 720p video recording, 1GB of RAM, and a 1GHz single-core processor.

According to Nokia, “there is a lot of buzz around the N9 and the consumer demand has been huge” – because “people love the new, button-free user interface and the intuitive way to browse the Internet. When they try out the device, they are first amazed and then impressed.”

Even if MeeGo isn’t an OS of the future, the Nokia N9 does seem to be one of the best smartphones the Finish company has ever made. So if you don’t particularly need Android, Windows Phone, iOS of BlackBerry, but do need a new high-end smartphone, the N9 is definitely worth checking out.

Via Nokia

Author: Florin

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  • Anonymous

    That’s without tax.

    You can’t get the N9/16GB for 480EUR incl. tax. Anywhere.