Sprint to launch the Android-based ZTE N860

Here’s a new ZTE Android smartphone that’s bound to be released by Sprint in the US: the ZTE N860 – not a great name, but the final moniker will probably be different anyway.

The N860 has appeared both at the Bluetooth SIG and the FCC recently – the latter confirming that the handset is headed to Sprint (which has never offered a ZTE phone before).

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the ZTE N860, not even what version of Android it’s running. However, judging from the small photo seen below, I’d say it’s at least a mid-end device.

If launched soon enough by Sprint, the N860 could become the first ZTE Android smartphone to be sold by a major US carrier (the ZTE Score doesn’t count, since it’s offered only by regional carrier Cricket).

ZTE has introduced quite many Android devices lately (mainly outside North America), and it was also chosen by Microsoft as one of its official Windows Phone Mango partners (with the ZTE Tania being its first Mango phone). The company is certainly on the rise, and we’ll likely see more ZTE handsets coming to North American operators pretty soon.

Author: Florin

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