ZTE Skate and Libra now available in the UK

As expected, two of ZTE’s three new own-brand Android-powered smartphones, the Skate and the Libra, are now available to purchase in the UK. This, of course, was clearly going to happen. We did see a delay or two before the phones went in stock at retailers, though nothing too big. After all, the devices are launched in the same month that they originally should have been, so that’s good news.

At least two UK-based online phone retailers have the two ZTE models in stock right now. The cheapest option is The Smartphone Centre, which asks £214.95 for the ZTE Skate, and £159.95 for the Libra. Both prices are for SIM-free and unlocked units, and include VAT as well as shipping.

If for some reason you’d rather not purchase from there, there’s also Clove Technology, a well established outlet which offers you the ZTE Skate for £219.60, and the Libra for £166.80. Again, you’ll get SIM-free and unlocked units, and VAT is included in these prices, however shipping is not.

With Symbian, the past king, pretty much out of everyone’s mind right now, Android is rapidly taking over the midrange smartphone market. Its advancement into this territory will only get faster helped by these ZTE offerings, which come with a great price per features ratio.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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