Check out this two minute video of Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Android Ice Cream Sandwich is set to be released within the next two months or so, and we have seen a couple of leaked screenshots, but no demo videos yet. That has changed as of today thanks to a lucky Ebay customer. This person bought a Nexus S off of Ebay and noticed that something was a little different about his device, so he went to the about screen and saw that the phone was running Android Ice Cream Sandwhich. So the kind man decided to create a video showing off some of the features.

The first thing we noticed was the addition of two more shortcuts,creating four total, on the bottom as opposed to Gingerbread’s two. A Google Apps icon also brought up a plethora of apps that Google has pre-installed. If you hold down on the home screen button, you’ll be faced with a Honeycomb style multi-tasking menu. Other UI changes have been made in the Notification Bar, Camera App, and other menus.

We aren’t 100% positive on whether or not this is real or a custom rom built around speculated features for Android ICS. We will keep you updated on the status of Android Ice Cream Sandwich.



Author: Dakota Torres

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