iPhone 5 to have 21 Mbps HSPA+ data speeds?

Apple won’t unveil the iPhone 5 until next Tuesday, but we may have stumbled upon some early details about Apple’s next generation smartphone.

China Unicom’s, the world’s third largest telecom provider, attended MacWorld Asia and had an important presentation today. Deputy Director Huang Wenlian was making the presentation and stated that the iPhone 5 would utilize China Unicom’s own HSPA+ 21 Mbps network. This is very interesting since the HSPA+ network would provide three times faster speeds than the 3G speeds on the iPhone 4 and previous iPhone models. This statement also checks up with Apple’s dislike of the use of LTE since it would make the phone to thick and Apple likes to make its newer models thinner.

Although this statement doesn’t officially confirm that the iPhone 5 will support a HSPA+ network, it is very likely. We will let you know all of the official details of the iPhone 5 on Tuesday, so stayed tune!

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Author: Dakota Torres

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