Want an unlocked Apple iPhone 4S? Prices will start at $649

Earlier today, when Apple announced its new iPhone 4S (new  on the inside, because on the outside it looks just like the old iPhone 4), the company has only unveiled its prices on contract for the US market: $199 (16GB version), $299 (32GB), and a whopping $399 for the 64GB version.

Now, thanks to Apple Canada, we also know how much the iPhone 4S will cost unlocked.

This iPhone 4S page reads that prices for an unlocked unit start at $649. Logically, this is the off-contract price for the 16GB version. The 32GB and 64GB versions will probably cost $749 and $849, respectively. Expensive, I know.

Unlike in Canada, I’m not entirely sure Apple will offer the new iPhone 4S unlocked in the US starting October 14 (when AT&T, Verizon and Sprint will begin to sell the smartphone on contract). What’s certain is that it will let US customers buy the iPhone 4 8GB unlocked – this Apple page says it’s going to cost you $549 (otherwise, the iPhone 4 8GB will be quite cheap on contract: just $99).

Author: Florin

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  • Ruben Baca

    Really useful. Thanks from Mexico

  • Humano2k

    Unlocked are worth it here in the US as you can choose a cheaper prepaid alternative from TMobile or even AT&T through their red pocket initiative. Since the first iPhone came out I have several thousands of dollars on iPhones and service and I still don’t own the iPhone. Apple and AT&T refuse to do it. This should get customers up in arms and sue the pants off of them.

  • Bharatbhai16

    Good and very useful phone for us .bharat patel anand.9427856937

  • Io_nel

    Is that 649 canadian $ or US$ ?

  • Beetlejuice_2001

    Canadian $$

  • http://www.unwiredview.com Florin

    Canadian dollars. But iPhone prices have always been the same in the US and Canada.

  • Anonymous

    There will not be an unlocked iPhone 4S for preorder in the US tomorrow 🙁 I called Apple and they confirmed this to me.

  • Fv

    In case you missed it, cad and usd have been about equal for years now.

  • Nomlas

    so im assuming this will work for tmobile then? I know the 3g service wont be available, but will the phone actually work on tmobile? 

  • http://www.unwiredview.com Florin

    Yes, the unlocked iPhone 4S will definitely work on T-Mobile, but, as you’ve said, 3G won’t be available on T-Mo.