Sprint will offer unlimited data for the iPhone

Sprint may not have gotten itself an exclusive on the iPhone 5 (and with that particular model turning out not to exist, that would’ve been hard to do anyway), as we once thought, but the Now Network does get to sell the newly announced iPhone 4S. And it may very well have guaranteed to Apple that it will buy more than 30 million iPhones over the course of the next four years.

Because it agreed to that, Sprint obviously needs some kind of unique selling point for its iPhones, to incentivize people not to go to either AT&T or Verizon for their new iPhone fix. Last month we told you that the carrier may offer unlimited data for the iPhone, something that neither AT&T nor Verizon provide their customers right now.

And it turns out that Sprint will do just that. The carrier apparently confirmed the news for AllThingsD today. So if you’re what is referred to as a data hog, Sprint may be your new best friend. Actually, scratch that. If you’d like to not worry about hitting overages for your iPhone data consumption, Sprint is basically your only choice, although the hotspot feature will be limited to 5 GB per month according to Phone Scoop.

You’ll be able to pick a $79.99 per month plan that includes unlimited data, unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling, and 450 minutes, or a $109.99 per month plan that features unlimited calling and data. Not cheap, but hey, unlimited is unlimited, right?

One of the caveats here is that the iPhone won’t be using Sprint’s WiMax network, so it won’t be a 4G device and thus will be stuck on 3G EVDO speeds. Whether or not that really matters remains to be seen. As will whether this move by Sprint will be enough to persuade many Americans to switch networks and join the country’s third biggest carrier.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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