Verizon may release the Samsung Prime on October 27

Now that the new iPhone frenzy has died down, it’s time to turn our attention to Google, Android, Samsung, Verizon, and the phone which will be called Nexus Prime, Samsung Prime, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, or who knows what else. Anyway, it’s the next Nexus we’re talking about.

Earlier today we showed you a teaser video that Samsung put up, and it’s safe to say that expectations are growing by the minute. Google and Samsung are expected to unveil the next Nexus phone on October 11, so next Tuesday.

Up until then, the speculation will clearly hit new highs – at least for an Android-powered smartphone. And here we have a nice rumor, courtesy of Droid Life. Please have your standard issue grain of salt nearby, though, for this is as unconfirmed as they get. According to someone probably affiliated with Verizon, an email about launch dates has started making the rounds in Big Red inboxes.

In it, the Samsung Prime is said to be released on October 27. Although a disclaimer is also in there, namely that dates are subject to change. But aren’t they always?

Anyway, a launch just 16 days after the grand unveiling would probably do good things for the Prime’s sales numbers, and with the holiday shopping season close by, that can only mean good news for all the parties involved (Google, Samsung, and Verizon). Let’s wait and see what happens.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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