Dell won’t release any Windows Phone Mango devices

Up until now, Dell has released only one Windows Phone device, the Venue Pro. This smartphone comes with a unique form factor in the Windows Phone world, bringing a portrait-sliding physical QWERTY keyboard to the table. So the Dell Venue Pro has been a decently priced interesting offering, yet it now seems that the company didn’t manage to sell as many smartphones as it was expecting to. At least not Venue Pros.

According to wpcentral, a “higher up at Dell” has confirmed that the company will not be releasing any new Windows Phones in the near future. It won’t be launching any new handset running Microsoft’s latest version of the mobile operating system, named Mango.

Dell may launch another Windows Phone when Windows Phone 8 (named Apollo) will be available, but up until then the Venue Pro was the first and last Dell Windows Phone. Fortunately for owners of that device, the company will continue to provide updates for it.

At some point in the past, Dell was planning to release a successor to the Venue Pro, codenamed Wrigley, but that device never saw the light of day and has been cancelled.

We’re guessing Dell is now waiting for Windows Phone’s market share to increase before taking another risk with Microsoft’s OS. And with the latter’s partnership with Nokia, WP7 may just be on the map in a few months. We’ll have to wait and see how things pan out.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Derail Doax

    I’m not really surprised, Dell isn’t exactly the sharpest knife in the smartphone block. They only released that one phone, T-Mobile frequencies, and it wasn’t even sold in stores. How did they expect that to have many sales… At a moment which should be an energizing time in any of iOS’s competitors Dell decides to fold? Apple releases an old design with new internals, and their visionary CEO (sadly)passes away, this should be a time for marketshare grabbing of all their competitors. Apple released a poor product and their future is unsure. Grab grab!

  • Charles Goin

    What a shock.. they sell the best Windows Phone on the Market. YET THEY ONLY SELL IT at thier website and do not advertise it. They barely even mention it on thier website.. They don’t sell at Best Buy, the dont sell at the Tmo or AT&T store, and NO ONE knows about it or can even see it. YET, they wonder why it doesnt sell well.. Someone needs to be fired at Dell for this clear inept sales strategy. If one wants to call selling a phone like this only via a website and one buried so you have to know to look for it there a strategy. The phone itself is AWESOME, my family owns 3. But Dell themselves are a fail with a capital F when it comes to sells.

  • Charles Goin

    If Dell were smart they would reflash all the phones to Mango (ALready done on my DVP).. Rebarnd as a Mango edition and talk T-mobile into selling them at stores. At WORST they shoudl talk to Best Buy and have them sold at Best Buy stores for go sake. The argument its the carriers that don’t want to sell them is NONSENSE if they won’t even sell at Best Buy where the Carriers don’t have the call on what to sell.